Sa Kumbento ni PadrePio

Abandon sanity, all ye who enter.



On Mining

According to a research done by the IBON Foundation, regions with biggest mining activities are among the poorest in the Philippines.

I can attest to this.

I have lived and grew up in a heavily mined island and I have yet to see my fellow islanders’ quality of life improving because of the mining activities.

What have we got instead? Continue reading “On Mining”


Where in the World is Pagbabangnan?

I woke up from my slumber half dizzy and disoriented. Worse, I felt numb all over, like I’d just been given a one-liter shot of anesthesia. And as I tried to turn my head to the glass-paned window where the soft glimmer of the afternoon sun was seeping through, a thousand needles seemed to stab my whole body with varying intensity, making me wince from the sudden jolt of pain. Continue reading “Where in the World is Pagbabangnan?”

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