There’s a new killer in town and Boredom is its name. In today’s age where instant gratification is the norm, it thrives. . . it feasts.

Boredom is the silent killer. And once you get stalked by it, you’re screwed. Life for you will become a chore, even the things that you use to enjoy. Apathy and indifference will come to you, walking hand in hand. And as they get closer and closer, that feeling of unusual tiredness of the soul and body will start to creep in. Finally, when boredom has you locked-in inside her tight embrace, evil and good will become indistinguishable to you because you will feel nothing. You will stop caring and become numb to the sad plight of others and yourself. Even while you breath, you are already dead inside. Your daily corporeal existence will become unbearable, to the point where you will eventually realize that the only reasonable thing left to do would be to end your life and sleep for all eternity.

So you took a shortcut. You ended your life. But did you finally become free from the oppressive clutches of boredom?

No, you didn’t. You just came full circle. You killed yourself because you felt nothing. But now you have become nothing; nothing but a distant and painful memory. . . a lingering dust on the face of the earth waiting to be swept away by the winds.

You are now nothing. And so boredom claimed you.