Sa Kumbento ni PadrePio

Abandon sanity, all ye who enter.



Lamentations of a Dying Star

A falling star blazes in the night
Rushing and hurrying, fast as light
With joy and love it drops to earth
Then lands on you and laughs with mirth
The star was I — Oh yes, indeed!
With heart and soul, I gave you all
Yet — like darkness you could be cruel
Because you left me in this world
My light extinguished, my fire grown cold

My fire grown cold, my light extinguished
How fool I am to still have wished!
To still recall your warm caress
Your lovely touch, your sweet sweet kiss
A star was I — a fool, indeed!
That even if you broke me so
My voice won’t shake — ‘STILL, I LOVE YOU!’
Though now, I have, grown stale and old
My light extinguished, my fire now cold


The Silent Stranger Watching in the Crowd

The silent stranger watching in the crowd—

there one moment and gone the next

A shadowy figure outside her window—

there one moment and gone the next

The stealthy footfall of sockless feet—

there one moment and gone the next

A faint grating of the squeaky stairs—

there one moment and gone the next Continue reading “The Silent Stranger Watching in the Crowd”

Amor Prohibido


I give to thee my heart alone

No buts nor ifs shall thwart its way

Sweet heart, my love, my life is thine

All but for thee, this vow I say:

Now and for aye, my heart thine own.




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I Loved a Woman, Hallelujah!

I, Samson
I, David
I loved a woman


She cut my hair
She broke my throne
I loved a woman


I drank of beauty
I tasted sin
I loved a woman


I lost my faith
I lost my heart
I loved a woman


I faced my death
I faced His wrath
I, a broken man
I loved a woman

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

You, my Bathsheba
You, my Delilah
I, am your man
I love you, woman

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


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The Man Below My Terrace

It was a dark silvery night

And the moon had gone a-hiding

And the birds had ceased a-chirping

When I beheld a bloody sight

A gripping, chilling tale of fright. Continue reading “The Man Below My Terrace”

Crimson – a Fibonacci poem

A Fibonacci poem (or Fib) is a multiple-line verse based on the Fibonacci sequence so that the number of syllables in each line equals the total number of syllables in the preceding two lines.



Serene —

A beauty

Bathed in crimson deep

On my white, marbled bathroom floor

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