Sa Kumbento ni PadrePio

Abandon sanity, all ye who enter.


flash fiction

One Minute Late

The dawn approaches and a strange quietude heralds its arrival.

A wizened old man, panting and drenched in sweat that makes his alchemist robe cling to his frame like sagging skin, arrives one minute late outside the celebrated Muktar’s Portal and begins a one-sided conversation with the ancient oak door. As his whispered words slowly fade into nothingness, the only entrance to the great hall of Seludong Castle yawns open.

Two small steps later and he finds himself inside, making him instantly aware of a singular thing — the mighty hall is chillingly silent. Continue reading “One Minute Late”


The King’s Dagger

“Booo… boo… heeeeeee…. mmmmmmooooooonnnnndddddd!!!!!!”

A piercing cry tore the night’s golden silence, waking up the king’s personal guard from his stolen sleep. A few moments passed by and the silhouette of a woman tiptoed out of the king’s bedroom. Before the guard could react, she was gone in an instant, swallowed by the darkness. Fearing for the worst, he rushed to the king’s room.

“My lord! Are you alri–”

“I’m perfectly alright, Sancho my man,” the king, who was very much alive — and very naked to boot — interrupted him.

“But that was–!”

“My enemy, the Queen, yes.” King Bohemond cut him off for the second time, waving a hand. “She came here with a poisoned dagger in her bosom, intending to kill me no doubt.” He chuckled. “Naturally, I ended up piercing her. . .” he paused, “with my very own potent dagger.” He added with a wink.

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