A friend once told me she was thinking of committing suicide.

I told her it’s okay.

Her eyes turned as big as saucers so I explained a little more.

It’s okay to sometimes think of dying because for some people (not just the emo ones), it gives them a sort of relief from their pain. Because when we think of death, we tend to dwell and ponder on the things that we love and cherish the most. And with it comes the realization that life is too precious to let go so easily. And specially when we start thinking of the persons (no matter how few) who still care for us or who still need us, we suddenly realize that killing one’s self is an act of selfishness. We just want to end our own suffering with not a thought about the people who will be hurt if we’re gone.

So in the end, after thinking about killing one’s self and then realizing how selfish an act it is, life takes on a new meaning. Whereas before you only see the black nimbus clouds hovering above you, now you also start noticing the little glimmer of light peeking from behind those clouds. And before you know it, you are now smiling and whispering to yourself, “Fuck this shit, life is still worth living because there are still people who need me and love me.”

But to actually do it. . . In nomine Patri, et Filli, et Spiritu Sancti. . . Well, may God have mercy on your soul.

So, cheer up! Just follow my motto: Dum spiro, spero. While I breath, I hope. As long as I’m alive, there’s still hope that my problems will be solved and that I will eventually find peace from my suffering.

After my mini-sermon she hugged me tight and said thank you. Her eyes, still as big as saucers, now had a faint glimmer of hope radiating from them.

I said welcome.